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Smart ways to insure your health and assets

Our health and our properties are, together with our family, the most valuable things we have in life, therefore, losing them, especially in an accident or theft, is a terrible tragedy. Now, there are many ways to insure these assets, as well as our health, through insurance companies and preventive care.

Certainly, in Mexico, there are multiple insurance companies, which offer different insurance plans for the property and also for people’s health, each one of them with different prices and with risks covered depending on the company and the price. Logically, the price and the amount of risks and expenses covered by the insurance are directly proportional.

Insuring health through an insurance company

Insurance companies offer health insurance, this type of contract is called medical insurance, and are an excellent alternative to avoid investing large sums of money in medical treatments, which, in the most complex procedures, may require a bank loan if you are not insured. In fact, many foreigners, especially from the United States, prefer to opt for Mexico to undergo treatments that their insurance may not cover. Besides, they are usually much more affordable.

In Tijuana, as in many cities in Mexico, there are specific medical insurances, such as dental insurances, which are dedicated only to cover expenses related to dental hygiene. These insurances cover procedures such as dental implants Tijuana or in the city where the contract is signed with the insurance company, this when the teeth are not well taken care of and an exodontia is required or when they are lost due to a traffic accident.

Now, there is Mexico auto insurance of all kinds, the most effective, but also expensive, are the all risk insurances, which insure practically all medical procedures, from the most expensive ones, such as intestine transplants or neurosurgery, to the simplest ones, such as dental implants.

Insuring assets using all-risk insurance

Health is not the only thing that can be insured when using insurance, but a person’s assets or material goods can be insured as well. It should be clarified that not all assets can be insured; in general, what are insured are businesses, homes, and automobiles, being auto insurance the most used in Mexico.

Auto insurance, as in health and all kinds of insurance, there are several types of insurance, ranging from insurance against theft and vandalism to all-risk insurance that covers almost all circumstances in which the automobile may be damaged or lost.

However, comprehensive insurance is the most expensive type of insurance, since it covers a huge number of perils and, in addition, it usually assumes all the expenses involved in the risks it covers, therefore, if a person has a traffic accident in which the car becomes unusable, the comprehensive insurance may assume all the money it costs to replace it.

In addition, in the event that the accident is caused by a drunk driver, if he is prosecuted, the comprehensive insurance guarantees that he is the one who must pay the insurer a part of the money for the repairs or the replacement car.