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Services most Americans seek in Mexico

Mexico is famous worldwide for its beautiful landscapes, tequila, Mezcal and delicious tacos, however, many Americans seek to cross the border for other types of services that, although curious, every day they are most required by them. Let’s look at a few:

Dentists, definitely important!

It is no secret to anyone that the services of dentists in the United States are extremely expensive since they do not have any type of subsidy from the government. That is why every day many North Americans seek to reach different parts of Mexico, and particularly Tijuana, to obtain this type of service, which even with tickets are much cheaper.

A dentist in Tijuana offers excellent services that can cost between 150 and 75% less than they’re worth in the United States, also have quality materials and even professionals who have over 35 years of experience in the sector.

From treating problems caused by cavities, to root canals, and orthodontics, are experts in helping you show your best smile to the world.

Leisure travel

Mexico has become a tourist destination particularly for Americans due to its beautiful landscapes, paradisiacal beaches, good food, as well as cheap hotels specially designed for the attention of solo travelers or couples.

Boutique hotel Todos Santos is an example of this. It has all the specialized services so that tourists have all the essential services at a low cost, but without having to give up an elegant and comfortable space.

Even many people who go to the services of dentists in Tijuana, go to the Todos Santos boutique hotel while they finish their treatment enjoying all the comfort that this service can offer.

Todos Santos is a sensational place, if you want to spend a vacation in contact with nature and in a quiet place. You can visit Cerritos beach that is surrounded by mountains with a landscape of multiple colors, clear water and soft sand.

On this beach, practice many water sports such as diving and the sun as it has large waves that make it even more striking. You can take a tour of the town by bicycle, taking a tour of the historic center, where you can not miss the gallery with its traditional works of art, the Néstor Agúndez cultural center, the main square, and the mission of our lady of the Pillar.

You can also visit the Hotel California, which they say was the inspiration for the song of the same name by the band The Eagles. Although this news has not been fully verified, it is not to be felt what makes many tourists visit the site to find the similarities between the architecture of the hotel and the descriptions in the song.

When you find a boutique hotel Todos Santos you can count on all the services for your comfort, with the security of not spending too much money, so, spend your vacations in Mexico and have a great time!