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Procedures by which an employee can be given rest

Rest after a medical procedure is also called incapacity for work, in which the worker is forced to a partial or prolonged retirement in their daily activities, but receiving the corresponding remuneration or salary compensation to the working days.

The origin of this rest can be due to a common illness or work accident, professional disorder or surgical procedure, and it is the doctor who determines how many days of rest to have and also if the time should be prolonged according to the evolution of the patient.

What types of disability exist in Mexico

In Mexico there are three types of disability that can be presented by a worker to his employer, and with the risk of work or work disability of professional origin, general illness or work disability of common origin and maternity leave.

In the case of occupational hazards or occupational disabilities 

You must first go to the corresponding IMSS family clinic and ask the doctor for the ST7 forms or notice of medical attention and qualification of probable work accident, or the ST9 in case of work sickness.

Which must be delivered to the company within a period of no more than 24 hours after the accident. Once the rest period expires, the life physician will issue the ST2 form with an opinion certifying that the worker has recovered and can return to work.

In case of general illness or work disability of common origin

This occurs when a worker has an illness that was not gained from any professional problem or from an accident. In order to apply, the worker must have 4 weeks of contributions prior to the start of the case for which the disability is going to be given. If they are a temporary worker, they must have 6 weeks of contributions for the last four months prior to the beginning of this process.

The doctor performs an evaluation and together with the diagnosis will deliver the time of disability that in this case only covers 60% of the salary registered in the IMSS and will be received from the fourth day of the disability.

In the case of maternity leave 

Maternity leave is granted to pregnant women who are in the 34th week of gestation. This disability has 84 calendar days of rest including both the prenatal and postnatal periods and the payment of 100% of the salary registered in the IMSS. The requirements that are needed to process this disability are to be affiliated with the IMSS, to have an appointment card,and a minimum recognition of 30 weeks that have been quoted during the twelve months prior to the prenatal stage.

It is important to consider that not all procedures generate disability, for example one 

holistic dentist Tijuana can certify you a disability, but this will not be covered by medical insurance the same as gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana because they are not within the mentioned points.