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Importance of elderly care services

According to all the Human Rights laws of the world, the care of all citizens is a priority, and older adults are not the exception, since these people, due to their advanced age, are at greater risk of dying if they are infected with a disease. serious illness such as cancer or a particularly strong flu such as CoViD-19.

The care of the elderly, in the vast majority of countries, is a law, since the right to life and health must be guaranteed for all people without discriminating by age. Consequently, the public and private health systems are in charge of caring for older adults to fulfill this fundamental right.

Health care for the elderly

Because many countries, including Mexico, have universal public health care, there are full guarantees for the right to health for older people, since they make up a group of risk of mortality due to various diseases and causes such as, for example, heart attacks.

Even so, there are several ways of insuring the health of the elderly, such as all-risk medical insurance, which, although they apply to individuals of any age, for the elderly is extremely effective, because in case of eventualities such as accidents or illness, insurance covers part or all of medical expenses, ranging from surgery to a simple procedure.

For example, in Mexico, Dentists in Tijuana often recommend this type of insurance to further guarantee the health of our elderly loved ones at a more affordable cost.


living Assisted living is a state in which an elderly person requires assistance for some actions, therefore, they require someone to attend to them constantly. Assisted living is provided at multiple dedicated institutions, as well as by private assistants.

Now, many might think that assisted living is synonymous with a geriatric home. However, although these concepts are similar, they differ in the fact that assisted living entails much less care than that required in a geriatric home, since those who are receiving assisted living can perform some actions without the need for assistance, while those who are in a geriatric home constantly need help with tasks that, many of us consider, are simple, such as washing, crossing the street, etc.

This way of caring for the elderly is well known in Baja California, as Mexico Retirement Communities is well known for the hospitality of the people who assist the elderly, as well as being recognized for their kindness and for being extremely helpful men and women.

Assisted living also tends to include, in some cases, certain medical assistance, which is why Dentists in Tijuana recommend assisted living in Rosarito due to its proximity to the most populated municipality in the state, thus, the elderly who are In assisted living, they can live in a quieter place, such as Rosarito, and do check-ups with Dentists in Tijuana given this advantage.