If you won a paid day off work, what would you do?

If you won a paid day off work, what would you do?

It turns out that when you ask people, “If you won a paid day off work, what would you do?” their fantasy Big Day Off isn’t that far removed from what they’d love to do on the weekend, but might not normally get the time to do.

We asked some people participating in this year’s Big Day Off what they’d do if they won the Big Day Off, these are just a few of the fantastic answers we received:

Angus had a very luxurious response, “spend all day with my wife in an insanely priced hotel penthouse and smoke cigars”

Go on, you deserve it – order an expensive dish from room service that you’ve never tried before and just drink in that penthouse view.

Stacey said she’d spend her time “gaming all day”
Maybe it’s time for you to revisit Vault 111 in Boston, Massachusetts. Maybe you want to roam over the land of Skyrim. Maybe you want to spend the day as treasure hunter, Nathan Drake. Sometimes you just need to kick back with a good game and escape to a pretend world for the day.

Rose has her day all planned out – “I’d get an enormous coffee. Go to the art gallery. Buy things I don’t need from the art store. Get ice cream on the way home. Play with new art supplies.”


We think this sounds like a delightful way to spend the day.

Rich on the other hand said he’d love to “start a project…”
It could be any project – maybe you’ve been putting something off for a while now because all you needed was a spare day to get yourself organised and get working on that pet project. The Big Day Off could be that day!

Julio’s day sounds like just the right mix of relating and active to us, “I’d sleep in, then get lunch somewhere nice. Go and see a movie then go on a bike ride.”



If your workplace is already involved in the Big Day Off, make sure you’ve got your tickets in the draw to win a Big Day Off work. Or register your business or nominate your boss to sign up to the Big Day off today! Registrations and ticket sales close midnight June 30.