Susan’s top 10 RedBalloon experiences for playing tourist in your own city

Susan’s top 10 RedBalloon experiences for playing tourist in your own city

Hello! My name is Susan and I’m part of the Big Day Off team. As paraplegic, I think the Big Day Off is very important to raise both vital funds and awareness for spinal cord injury. Not just because of the physical and emotional toll that sometimes comes with having a disability, but because it’s important that people know how much it costs someone with a disability to keep up all of the maintenance to live day-to-day.

It’s the Big Day Off’s Nominate a Boss Week (16 – 22 May). When you nominate your boss or a boss you know (it’s okay, you can do it anonymously, they’ll never know it was you) you’ll automatically go into the draw to win a $500 gift certificate from RedBalloon.

It turns out that Australia is a pretty amazing country and there is so much to do in this place on RedBalloon that you should bring someone else along for the ride.

It doesn’t even have to be romantic – it can be bromantic! It can be whatever ‘mantic’ outing you choose, and the best thing is that you can do so much for $500 and under!

Here are just ten of the thousands of Red Balloon offers to help you escape the daily grind and become a tourist in your own city (warning – as a Sydneysider this list focuses on Sydney, but there are experiences in all of Australia’s capital cities on RedBalloon):

  1. You’re fancy. You want to do fancy things. You want more reasons to dress up and take more selfies of you and your food. The High Tea Cruise for Two gives you the perfect opportunity!
  2. Feel like experiencing a blast from the past in 1950’s New York sort of way? Head over to a Retro Drive-In Movie, Hotel and Breakfast Overnight Getaway
  3. Attend a Flying Trapeze Workshop and test your physical strength and flexibility, and who knows, you might even decide that joining Cirque de Soleil was actually everything you’ve ever wanted to do.
  4. Double Kayaking Hire for those people who like the physical but want to be a bit closer to nature.
  5. Enjoy the thrill of being in a fast boat roaring across the harbour? The Jet Boat Ride can offer you this very thing!
  6. Sydney’s colonial history is steeped in drama and darkness and what better way to learn more than on a Ghost Tour of Historic Sydney.
  7. Sometimes you want to do something arty and have no idea where to start. There are plenty of Art Workshops including photography, sculpture and resin art.
  8. Clay Target Shooting with Live Ammo is great because sometimes one simply feels the need to legally fire a rifle in a safe area at clay pigeons.
  9. Do you have a stunningly well-manicured beard and love craft beer? Get along to the Hipsters and Hops Full Day Craft Brewery Tour with Lunch in the Inner West.
  10. If you want a different, faster way see the sights, be driven around the city on the back of a Harley Davidson with City to Surf Harley Tour.

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