Why is top entrepreneur Naomi Simson supporting the Big Day Off?

Why is top entrepreneur Naomi Simson supporting the Big Day Off?

We have some incredibly accomplished supporters behind us at the Big Day Off and when it comes to business leadership, Naomi is one of the most successful and recognised leaders out there.

Naomi is many things – a LinkedIn Influencer, Founding Director of RedBalloon and Redii, Author, Blogger, Speaker, and ‘Shark’ investor on Shark Tank Australia among them. Her generous support for the Big Day Off can be summed up in Naomi’s own words:

“The Big Day Off is an innovative, new way to reward and show appreciation for employees by offering them the chance to win a paid day off work, all to raise funds for spinal cord injury….The shared-value model of fundraising is a fantastic way to provide benefit to the company, the people and of course to the cause. I would urge anyone with a view to encouraging/introducing fun and reward into the workplace to get involved well ahead of the June 30 deadline.”

This year, we are aiming to to sign-up over 5,000 Australian businesses to give away one day off work or more to their deserving staff, that’s at least 5,000 very happy employees! These much needed funds will go to support the care of all Australians living with spinal cord injury today, while providing hope for the future in the form of a cure.

What is the Big Day Off? Great question!

The Big Day Off (BDO) is the fundraising brainchild of a group of businesspeople in Albury. The group were inspired to help all Australians with spinal cord injury following the injury of young AFL player, James McQuillan, who sustained quadriplegia during an AFL game in 2013.

It’s a simple and engaging way for businesses to support a great cause by donating an additional day/days off work for their staff. Staff can then buy tickets in a draw to win a day off work, with all proceeds from ticket sales going to Australian spinal cord injury support and research charities. (Find out more about the not-for-profit organisations that we support)

How does it work?

The entire BDO sign-up and ticket purchase process takes place online between March 31 and June 30. The draw takes place electronically and BDO winners are announced July 1.

Participating businesses register and nominate number of days off available for staff. The registrant then receives an ID code that staff can use to purchase tickets. Employees can nominate their boss to register for the Big Day Off and once they’re signed up staff can purchase as many tickets as they like to win an additional paid day of annual leave – to spend doing whatever they like!

BDO three step graphic

Wondering why you should register your business or nominate your boss to register?

We think there are plenty of good reasons, here are a few of the most important ones:

Firstly, it’s a fantastic way to engage and reward employees in the workplace – offering them the chance to win a paid day off work, while raising funds for a great cause.

Secondly, there are over 15,000 Australians living with a spinal cord injury, and every day here someone is told they are paralysed and may never walk again. This has a devastating and often overwhelming effect on the person who sustains the injury, as well as their family and friends – an injury does not just mean loss of movement, but also bladder and bowel control, sexual function and even the ability to breathe unaided in some cases.

On top of the severe personal toll is the economic cost to the individual and to the economy. The estimated care cost for spinal cord injury each year in Australia is about $2 billion. Add to his a further $2 billion in economic and productivity costs and you can see that it takes an enormous toll.

The Big Day Off was created to help address these issues, and you can get involved today by registering your business or nominating your boss to register.

Our partners, supporters and ambassadors

We have some amazing partners and supporters behind the Big Day Off this year, so if you’re thinking of getting involved, you’re going to be in great company!

The BDO has partnered with the National Rugby League and News Corp Australia, and is being supported by the Greater Western Sydney Giants.

For our ambassadors, there’s former Parramatta Eels captain and international representative Nathan Hindmarsh, former Newcastle Knights player Alex McKinnon, Network Ten Presenter and Senior Producer Sandra Sully, Australian racing legend Damien Oliver, former Wallaby and Super Rugby player Adam Freier, and Greater Wester Sydney Giant’s player Jack Steele. You can read all of the ambassador bios here.

Big Day Off Launch at Rugby League Central, Sydney. Photo by Katherine Griffiths The Photo Pitch www.thephotopitch.com

Get involved!

So far, we’ve had tonnes of great businesses sign-up including the AFL, NRL, Slater + Gordon, Lloyd’s Australia, Dutch Media, Res Publica and many more.

We really hope that you’ll join them in participating in the Big Day Off by registering your business or nominating your boss today.

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