What is the Big Day Off? Pre Promote

How does a paid day off work sound?
That’s exactly what you can win with the Big Day Off.
Your day, your way....no work, all play!

Registrations are now open

How does the Big Day Off work?


Step 1

Register your workplace
Nominate a workplace

The boss registers online and chooses how many days off they will give away.

They’ll be given a unique code needed for step 2.

The boss will also be emailed posters with your code to print out and put up around your workplace.


Step 2

Buy tickets

You and your coworkers buy online raffle tickets to win the days off that your boss has put up. You do this using the unique code your boss was given.

Tickets are $5 each and all money raised goes to help the 10 000+ Australians with a spinal cord injury.


Step 3

On 3rd July, you’ll get an email letting you know if you’re a Big Day Off winner.

If you’ve won, have a chat to your boss and work out when you’ll take your Big Day Off.

If you didn’t win, you’ve contributed to supporting people with spinal cord injuries. Well done!


Can’t participate?

If you can’t participate but still want to support the Big Day Off, please make a donation here.

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