17 (inspiring?) ways to spend your Big Day Off

17 (inspiring?) ways to spend your Big Day Off

So few days, and so little time. How to get the most out of your Big Day Off.

One working day. To spend however you like. An extra, paid day off work and the only decision you have to make is how to spend it. Here’s some inspiration (or not!) to get the ball rolling.

  1. Take a leap of faith and throw yourself out of a plane for an adrenalin rush to remember.

  2. Open a Netflix account and watch the entire season of Making a Murderer in your jim jams, pausing only for the bathroom and essential deliveries from your fave restaurant.iStock_000023730131_XXXLarge
  3. Book a return flight to Cairns and spend the day snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef (posting photos of your marine friends along the way!).
  4. Set yourself a challenge to complete – five Zumba classes across the city in a day and share updates on your calorie tracking throughout the day.
  5. Devote a whole uninterrupted day to reading a book recommended by friends that tell you “you have to read this, it will change your life”.
  6. Book yourself in for a mid-week day spa with facials, mud wraps and organic food to give your mind and body a break from everyday life. Then go home and find your balance with a glass or two of wine and a pizza!
  7. Go fishing. Alone.
  8. Start the day making a chocolate mud cake and spend the rest of the day eating cake. No witnesses, no judgement.
  9. Train for and break a world record (or at least make a valiant attempt!) – beat 61 star jumps in one minute and this title could be yours!

  10. Unplug for the day. Turn off your mobile, laptop and tablet and spend a completely uninterrupted day by yourself doing whatever you like at the time. No plan, just a date with yourself.
  11. Line up your day off with a good swell and check out your favourite surf break, while everyone else is at work.Two surfers running into the sea with their surfboards
  12. Get some DIY in, beat the Saturday morning Bunnings parking lot warzone AND the weekend rush at    emergency if you happen to nail your hand to a 2 x 4.
  13. Go off-roading all morning and get a little mud on the tyres then spend the afternoon giving your car a much needed wash and polish
  14. Volunteer as a ‘Dog Walker and Cuddler’ with the friendly pups at Monika’s Doggie Rescue – how much fun does that sound! http://www.doggierescue.com/workavail.htm

  15. Start that blog, book or business plan you’ve been thinking about starting for the last 2 years
  16. Check sun rising times for the day and set your alarm so you can tee off at dawn at your fave golf course and complete 18 holes by lunch so you can spend the afternoon soaking up the sun with a cold beverage (or 16)Golfer swinging at sunset
  17. Put up your ‘Gone fishing’ sign and spend the day on the water with your mates who have also won a Big Day Off!

Whatever you decide to do, get yourself and your mates in the running for a Big Day Off by nominating your boss, and theirs! today.

And be sure to share with us your own ideas for the best way to spend a day!

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Your inspiration might be just what someone needs to make the most of their Big Day Off in 2016!