The Big Day Off 2016

Win a paid day off work and support Australians with disabilities

Businesses: register

Signing your workplace up for the Big Day Off is a great way to engage and reward your staff, plus give back to your community.

Employees: Nominate a workplace

Let your boss know about the Big Day Off by nominating your workplace to get involved in this unique fundraiser.

Employees: buy tickets

Win an extra day off work to do whatever you want. Tickets are just $5 each and the more you buy, the more chances you have to win!


What is the Big Day Off? Pre Promote

How does a paid day off work sound?
That’s exactly what you can win with the Big Day Off.
Your day, your work, all play!

Registrations are now open

How does the Big Day Off work?


Step 1

Register your workplace
Nominate a workplace

The boss registers online and chooses how many days off they will give away.

They’ll be given a unique code needed for step 2.

The boss will also be emailed posters with your code to print out and put up around your workplace.


Step 2

Buy tickets

You and your coworkers buy online raffle tickets to win the days off that your boss has put up. You do this using the unique code your boss was given.

Tickets are $5 each and all money raised goes to help the 10 000+ Australians with a spinal cord injury.


Step 3

On 3rd July, you’ll get an email letting you know if you’re a Big Day Off winner.

If you’ve won, have a chat to your boss and work out when you’ll take your Big Day Off.

If you didn’t win, you’ve contributed to supporting people with spinal cord injuries. Well done!


Can’t participate?

If you can’t participate but still want to support the Big Day Off, please make a donation here.

Donate here



About the Big Day Off

A spinal cord injury can happen to anyone
Most happen to people under the age of 35

About the Big Day Off

The Big Day Off brings businesses and employees together to raise funds for people with spinal cord injury. It’s a fun way to engage and reward employees, by offering them the chance to win a paid day off work. Businesses sign up and offer a day or days paid leave, then staff buy online raffle tickets in the draw to win a Big Day Off from their workplace.

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How will you spend your big day off?

James’ story

James is country footballer and physiotherapy student who sustained a serious spinal cord injury during a routine collision with an opponent. He is the inspiration behind the Big Day Off.

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The lifetime cost per incidence of quadriplegia
is estimated to be $9.5 million

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  • 8 weeks ago by Big Day Off

    Big Day Off
    It's lovely to hear that our Big Day Off ambassador, Alex McKinnon and Teigan Power are getting married next year. Big Day Off wishes them all the best!
    Timing of Barba’s first strike beyond belief
  • 17 weeks ago by Big Day Off

    Big Day Off
    Wednesday night, a potentially life changing project for all Australians with spinal cord injury was launched. Project Edge was launched by SpinalCure Australia, UTS: University of Technology Sydney, Professor V. Reggie Edgerton of UCLA and Spinal Cord Injuries Australia. Project Edge will see a cutting edge neurostimulation research program established here in Australia to build on the successes of Prof Edgerton and his team at UCLA to achieve the best possible outcomes for people with SCI. We're incredibly excited to be involved in this project, in both a supportive and practical way through our NeuroMoves exercise services and the David Prast Fellowship. Follow the journey and join the conversation #edgeofrecovery.
    Spinal Cord Injuries Australia
  • 18 weeks ago by Big Day Off

    Big Day Off
    David Crawford was injured working as a builder when a roof rafter he was walking across gave way. He one of Spinal Cord Injuries Australia's Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week ambassadors raising awareness of spinal cord injury. "My work with SCIA’s Teamsafe program sees me travelling to worksites across the country to prevent others having an accident like my own. In my spare time I volunteer with Marine Rescue NSW, manning the radios to help sailors in distress" Read More: #SpinalCordInjuryAwarenessWeek #SCIAW #SpinalCordInjuriesAustralia #SCIA #SCIWeek #BDO #BigDayOff #SpinalCure
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  • 19 weeks ago by Big Day Off

    Big Day Off
    Cobie Moore was injured on Christmas Day when a balcony collapsed. She is one of Spinal Cord Injuries Australia's Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Week ambassadors raising awareness of spinal cord injury. "I’m an illustrator and designer, passionate about creating attractive and well-designed assistive devices for people with a disability. I graduated with Honours in Design and Education and presented my thesis on the importance of the aesthetics of assistive devices at the Universal Design Conference" Read More: #SpinalCordInjuryAwarenessWeek #SCIAW #SpinalCordInjuriesAustralia #SCIA #SCIWeek #BDO #BigDayOff #SpinalCure
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  • 23 weeks ago by Big Day Off

    Big Day Off
    We've had lots of nice stories come in about how people have spent their Big Day Off - Jo from Slater and Gordon Lawyers spent her day off volunteering at her children's school. Jo enjoyed her day out of the office on canteen duty, making lunches for the students and serving hungry canteen customers at recess time.
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  • 26 weeks ago by Big Day Off

    Big Day Off
    The Big Day Off graces the front cover of the Newcastle Herald - thanks to prime placement of our logo on this Brad Jones Racing car, sponsored by McRae Motors!
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