The Big Day Off 2018

Win a paid day off work and support Australians with a spinal cord injury

Businesses: register

Signing your workplace up for the Big Day Off is a great way to promote health and wellness, reward your staff and give back to your community.

Employees: Nominate a workplace

Let your manager know about the Big Day Off by nominating your workplace to get involved in this unique fundraiser.

Employees: buy tickets

Win an extra day off work to do whatever you want. Tickets are just $5 each and the more you buy, the more chances you have to win!


What is the Big Day Off? Pre Promote

Registrations are now open

How does the Big Day Off work?


Step 1

Register your workplace
Nominate a workplace

Your company simply registers online and chooses how many days off they will give away in the raffle for employees to win.

They’ll be given a unique code to allow employees to enter the online draw.

The BDO team will send you posters and emails, including your company’s unique code, to promote the initiative around the workplace.


Step 2

Buy tickets

You and your co-workers buy online raffle tickets to go into the draw to win the days off your company has offered up. You do this using your unique company code.

Tickets are $5 each and all money raised goes to help the 15,000+ Australians with a spinal cord injury.


Step 3

On 2 July, you’ll get an email letting you know if you’re a Big Day Off winner.

If you have won, have a chat to your manager and work out when you will take your Big Day Off!

If you do not win, thank you for supporting people with spinal cord injuries and the research to find a cure. Well done!

Can’t participate?

If you can’t participate but still want to support the Big Day Off, please make a donation here.

Donate here



About the Big Day Off

About the Big Day Off

The Big Day Off brings businesses and employees together to raise funds for people with spinal cord injury. It’s a fun way to engage and reward employees, by offering them the chance to win a paid day off work. Businesses register and offer a day or multiple days of paid leave to be won in an online raffle. Staff then buy online raffle tickets to enter the draw to win a Big Day Off from their workplace.

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